'Lite' Version for Triage

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I have previously suggested this on behalf of a user but it isn't in this list so I'm adding it here so others may vote it up.
All new DVR/hdd submissions would be tested on the triage software in the Lab to see if DVR Examiner supports the filesystem [Dave - and could show the Support System Identified screen and possibly produce a pre scan report. The ones that aren't supported could offer the opportunity to submit a profiler and an option to save a screen grab of negative scan result.]
With future releases of DVR Examiner the hard drives with filesystems that were previously not supported could be quickly retested on the triage software to ascertain if it is now supported.
[Dave - A Triage Licence could also be used on site to triage the hdd in situ before deciding to seize the DVR for extraction back at the lab or if not supported, and depending on circumstances, go old school and export footage via the DVR.]

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